Fortune's Kiss
Historical Romance

Medallion Press
ISBN: 1933836350 ISBN: 978-1933836355
March 2008

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Moira Hughes's stepfather has died, and although the bulk of the family holdings must pass to a relative, a codicil to his will secures her and her mother's future - or so she believes. When their London solicitor denies all knowledge of this codicil, practical, country bred Moira must put aside both pride and propriety, travel to London and press her rights. Once there she resolves to confront her stepfather's heir, the dashing black sheep of the family whom she believes has unlawfully withheld her rightful share of the family fortune.

Graham Foster, treasure hunter and Egyptian antiquities expert, must leave his adventurous life to return to England and claim the barony left him by a distant cousin. Upon his arrival he discovers his estranged and spoiled family making free with his inherited home and fortune, while a dazzling, dark-haired step-cousin several times removed adamantly accuses him of foul play. There are times he feels his only true friend is his pet African Sun Spider . . .

Coming to a wary truce and teetering on a middle ground of irresistible if imprudent desire, Graham and Moira team up to hunt for her lost treasure. A trail of fraud, deceit and murder leads them through the streets of London and into each other's arms, and to the most unlikely of conclusions.


"Lisa Manuel is very talented author! She grabs a hold of your attention and doesn't let it go till she finishes the story. The characters are full of depth and vitality and you feel like you are with them every step of the way. Fortune's Kiss is definitely one for the keeper shelves.!" -- Night Owl Reviews

"A cunning story of love and treachery! Settle down with some tea and cakes and put up your feet. Fortune's Kiss is an excellent Sunday afternoon read.!" -- Novel Spot

"An excellent historical romantic suspense. This is an exciting and enjoyable book and one you don't want to miss!"
-- Romance Junkies


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Mostly A Lady
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7649-5
May 2005

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To save her life, Eliza Kent dons the fine gowns and jewels of a great lady - but to her chagrin, her masquerade succeeds too well. Dylan Fergusson, an undeniably compelling man, offers his assistance and escorts her to the home of his sister, a duchess. Eliza is sure that the duchess will notice her every mistake and discover her true identity before long. But Eliza cannot conceal her feelings - for she is falling in love with Dylan.

Every moment Dylan spends in Eliza's presence persuades him that he has found the very woman he has longed for all his life. Her aloofness intrigues him, but he cannot persuade her to come into his arms if she insists upon keeping her distance. Stealing a kiss may be impossible - until the lady says yes at last.


"...Captivating...a truly heartwarming story that you can't miss."
- Carrye Syma, Romance Reader At Heart

"...A story sure to capture your heart and imagination."
- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

"A fine comedy of errors compounded by love."
- Harriet Klausner


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Mostly Mayhem
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7648-7
September 2004

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Scandals, secrets - and a suspicious new spouse.

Widowed Tess Hardington's life is complicated enough without marriage. She has her sister's small daughter to raise, her own tarnished reputation to contend with, her greedy uncle's scheme to take control of her inheritance, and her scandalous secret work to continue. It's this last calling that she's most passionate about - but it's also the reason why she needs a new husband, and fast. Without a spouse, her uncle will take her money - and her venture will surely fail.

Former army captain Charles Emerson is hardly a logical candidate - after all, Tess turned him down when they were little more than besotted children. But the lovely young widow is desperate - and Charles finds himself, strangely enough, willing, if only to best Tess's loathsome uncle at his own game. The trouble is, "marriage" to Tess will not be the simple business arrangement it might be - not with her midnight excursions out of the house prickling his curiosity, and London's prostitutes falling victim to a vicious killer. Is Tess putting herself in harm's way? Unacceptable - especially when Charles realizes that what he feels for his spirited bride is real love, and no secret about it.


"...A great romance by a highly talented author...guaranteed to please and satisfy even the pickiest reader."
- Mary Emmons, , 9/04

"A Perfect 10! MOSTLY MAYHEM is a rare gem, with everything a fan of romance could possibly want...passion, suspense, adventure, and characters that can only be described as remarkable."
- Edith Morrison, Romance Reviews Today 9/04

"This second installment of a trilogy...shows again Ms. Manuel's very smooth delivery and very impressive writing style."
- Marylyn Rondeau,

"Manuel keeps the pace quick and the passion simmering in this tale of a lost love rekindled."
- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Book Club 9/04


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Mostly Married
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7647-9
April 2004

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When and why did he say "I do"? Lucas Holbrook, the Duke of Wakefield, cannot recall the marriage ceremony now that he has awakened to find sweet Charity nestled in his arms. The impertinent female insists she is his lawful wife - and that they have been together a twelvemonth. But he has no memory of the year gone by, in Scotland, far from his ancestral home and vast estates, after a shipwreck cast him ashore more dead than alive. Though Charity Fergusson's quick thinking and kindness saved his life, he must return to England - and the woman who waits for him there.

But Charity conceives an ingenious plan to win him back. If all is fair in love and war, then silk and satin will be her armor. She will play the role of a fine lady and pay a visit to his grand relations under an assumed name - for she knows that the only home for her is by his side, whether it be in a castle or a cave. He is her husband.and the only man she will ever love.



"Smoldering sensuality merges with humor and danger in a delightful debut novel that will appeal to fans of sexy, fast-paced, light romances."
- Romantic Times Book Club

".A will be entertained and satisfied from beginning to end!"
-, April 2004

"Excellent writing, clever characterization and a positively perfect plot..."

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